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  • Our residential lots are in the prime growing areas of Fargo,
    Moorhead, West Fargo and more.
  • We offer a variety of home sites for: single family, twin homes,
    town homes or multi-family.
  • You can select your own builder from our trusted relationships
    or choose your own.
  • We’ll help you find the perfect location to build your home in our
    communities located near schools, golf courses, churches,
    shopping, rivers, lakes and parks.

Osgood Townsite Seventh Addition

Fargo Residential Lots for Sale

Osgood Seventh Fargo Residential Lots

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Another addition to the Osgood development in 2006 is the 150 acre Osgood Seventh Addition. The Seventh Addition features 104 single family and 44 twin-home lots, plus over 50 acres of future business and retail space. Osgood Seventh Addition is southerly adjacent to Osgood Townsite First Addition along 45th Street and 49th Avenue South.

Links: Osgood Public Golf Course, Historic Osgood, Osgood Kindergarten Center

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